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November 29th, 2021

What is Global eDriver?

What is Global eDriver?

What is Global eDriver?


If you operate multiple vehicles in your company, you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork you create daily. 


In addition, like many other companies, you probably have several spreadsheets and paper files with all your transport and job documentation.


Ultimately, some pour soul has to keep track of all of these documents in the office, but there are the drivers to consider. They also drive around with reams of documentation in their cab.


Creating, monitoring, and operating all of those separate systems becomes a full-time job for someone. It’s inefficient and costly. But now, there is a solution.


Global eDriver brings all of those systems together into one easy to use platform.


What does Global eDriver do?


Global eDriver gives you total visibility and control of all your drivers and vehicles. It allows you to manage vehicle tracking, driver behaviour, accident reporting, digital files, and job allocation all from one platform. In addition, with optional features from Lifesaver and Ping, you can control your drivers’ smartphone use and automatically read out messages to them so you can communicate without distracting them from the road.


How does Global eDriver work?


The app is used in two versions. 


First, you will have the Administrator Portal on the Cloud at the office, which gives you a complete overview, control, and management of all your drivers and vehicles. As the app is cloud-based, you can run it anywhere, perfect for remote working.


Second, your drivers then have the app installed on their smartphone to carry out their vehicle checks, report accidents, receive job updates or any other messages through the app. All the information they record is instantly available in the Administrator Portal.


The app will integrate with your existing tracking systems, avoiding the cost and delays of sourcing additional hardware. In addition, with multiple API  functionality, data from your current software systems can be used in one platform.


What’s in the Administrator Portal of Global eDriver?


The Administrator Portal of Global eDriver gives you a central store of all your driver and vehicle documentation.


In the portal, you can: 

·      Create and issue jobs to your drivers.

·      Improve your drivers’ skills by providing feedback and training based on their driving scores.

·      Use custom forms for your specific needs, such as job completion, parts ordering, signature capture, barcode scanning and pictures.

·      Access a full suite of reports for all your auditing and compliance.

·      See live updates from your drivers to make sure they’ve carried out their vehicle checks.

·      Receive live, real-time notification of an accident from the driver’s app, allowing you to manage insurance claims quickly and effectively from the initial incident through to resolution.


What’s in the smartphone app of Global eDriver?


From the app, your drivers can:


·       Easily select their vehicle from a drop-down list.

·       Carry out all their vehicles checks – lights, mirrors, oil/coolant, driving controls, tyres etc.

·       Receive, accept, and view their job cards, with automatic navigation built-in.

·       View and monitor their driving behaviour to learn where they can improve.

·       Record all the details of an accident, including:

o   All the other drivers and vehicles involved.

o   Photographs of the accident.

o   Date and time.

o   Location.

o   Weather conditions.


What are the benefits of the Global eDriver app?


Cost reduction

Your office processes will become more streamlined with minimal administration by combining all your paperwork and disconnected systems.

As your drivers learn more about their driving behaviour, they will reduce your fuel costs and wear and tear on your vehicles.

With instant accident reporting, you can be the first party to lodge an insurance claim, which increases your chances of a positive outcome.



Digitising all your paper-based forms and documentation is an essential first step for every business to reduce its carbon footprint. Aside from lowering your company’s costs, it’s a topic close to the hearts of many of your customers and employees, making you a more attractive company for attracting new staff and business.


The driver behaviour score gives you and your drivers feedback on how they’re driving. Improving small parts of their driving style can have a significant impact on fuel economy, tyre use, and general maintenance of your vehicles.



Our day to day business is complicated enough. The Global eDriver app will streamline many of your traditional processes, making your fleet management easy to manage.


Additional Features


For the ultimate in driver safety and to get the most from your Global eDriver app, we highly recommend incorporating two partner apps with your platform.


Lifesaver allows you to block your drivers’ smartphones from use while they are driving. You can configure the phone to block all apps or allow certain ones you deem necessary.  


Ping reads out messages and emails to the driver without them needing to use their phone at all. It works with email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook and other messaging systems, with complete flexibility to configure it as you like.


How do I get the Global eDriver app?


Simply navigate to this link https://globaledriver.com then download the apps from either the Google or Apple app stores and we can have you up and running in minutes.